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CNC Milling Mentor, Ohio

Wismar currently houses 5 CNC milling machines. Wismar has a large capacity for CNC milling throughput. Our mills are from top brand machine  manufacturers such as DMG Mori and OKUMA. This give us consistency and reliability in our production processes. Our CNC milling machines are equipped with fully integrated 4 axis capabilities. Using CAD software such as CAMWORKS and SURFCAM we can program complex, technical parts. We use top of the line carbide tooling, combined with high pressure, through the tool coolant to increase productivity, reduce cycle time, and hold tight tolerances consistently. We take pride  in our repeatable, consistent machining practices to ensure accuracy and precision, time and time again. Our CNC milling department can handle a wide range of part quantities, whether it's a 1000 pieces or just 1 piece. Our programing capabilities give us the option to utilize high speed milling techniques to reduce cycle time on high production orders. Wismar's CNC milling department also specializes in engineering fixtures and customized work holdings, which helps us use optimal machining practices.  We also like to utilize state of the art technology to deburr parts in the machine to reduce part handling, human error, and make a more consistent, clean looking part. We have also utilized our mills to gun drill deep holes down to diameters as low as 1/8". Wismar's CNC milling  department is dedicated to going above and beyond to cater to our customers specific needs. 

A list of our state of the art Machines includes:

-DMG Mori Dura Vertical 5100 machining center with a full 4th axis (41.0"  x  21.0"  x  21.0")
-OKUMA Genos M560V Machining center with a full 4th axis (41.34"  x  22.05"  x  18.11")
-OKUMA CADET MATE Machining center (40.0"  x  18.0"  x  18.0")
-OKUMA CROWN-V Machining center (40.0"  x  18.0"  x  18.0")
-OKUMA CROWN-V Machining center (40.0"  x  18.0"  x  18.0")

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